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Monday, 20 June 2011

Two to Three year fixed rate a all time low

The average two-year fixed rate in the UK was 4.36% in June, with three year rates at the lowest on record at 4.95%.
The five year rate, at 5.37% is at its lowest since January 2011 and swap rate trends suggest all fixed rates could go lower still.


Rob Robetson


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

May housing activity stalls

The hoped-for spring bounce in the housing market failed to occur during May, as fears over the economy and lack of mortgage finance continued to depress activity levels,said RICS.



Friday, 10 June 2011

Great value family home at the right price

This property has one of the best extensions that I have ever seen on a semi-detached home.  Build quality is excellent.  The whole house is very tidy and worth a look  http://www.millerstewart.com/property/for-sale/details/931  

This house is like The Tardis

This mid terrace home has so many futures it is hard to list them all.  Converted loft with fix stairs case, Modern decor, Brick storage area for storage and all cloth cleaning machines, Kennells and much more.  Check it out
http://www.millerstewart.com/property/for-sale/details/930  Moved to fixed price today.

Big House Good Price

Here is a fantastic big house @ a excellent price.  4 Bedrooms 3 Public Rooms.  Huge Gardens.  Excellent decor.  Worth a look http://www.millerstewart.com/property/for-sale/details/969